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The CEO Institute brings Future CEO program to Asia

The CEO Institute is pleased to announce the arrival of the Future CEO program in Asia-Pacific, with the appointment of Licensees in Malaysia and Indonesia (Jakarta).

2 DECEMBER 2014: Esme Alfred, Global Manager - Certification and Licensing says "Having successfully applied our experiential learning format for over 22 years at the Chief Executive level, we’re delighted to bring this unique leadership development program to our Asia-Pacific neighbours to prepare the next generation of business leaders."

K-Pintar Sdn Bhd was the successful applicant in Malaysia and OTI Transformasi International, in Indonesia (Jakarta). Both organisations have an established presence in their respective territories, and are excited to be adding the Future CEO program to their existing offerings.

The Future CEO program provides a unique opportunity for Senior Executives and small business leaders to regularly engage in "mentored learning", guided by an experienced chairman-facilitator who brings professorial credentials and practical business experience to the table. The format provides a mix of facilitated and experiential learning that supports professional and personal development.

The sharing of challenges and experiences, often difficult within a competitive workplace environment, provides a level of support and encouragement that cannot be over-valued.

Managing Director, RA Thiagaraja of K-Pintar Sdn Bhd says of their appointment: "We are delighted and proud to be The CEO Institute’s licensee in Malaysia.  It has been our core objective to offer executive development and professional certification to help business leaders in the country lead and think differently in this brave new world. We hope to propel the Malaysian workforce and young business leaders towards the country’s vision of being a high-income nation by 2020."

 Dr Naresh Makhijani, President and Director of OTI is equally excited about the opportunity, saying "We are extremely delighted to partner with The CEO Institute in Australia to bring the Future CEO program to Indonesia to help leadership development in the private sector."

Through targeting Senior Executives, the leadership pipeline in the Asia-Pacific region will become more robust, and offer greater growth and development opportunities for the organisations involved.

Developing leaders in the Asia-Pacific region

Executive education is a key service that Australia brings to the region, and is one that is being particularly targeted by Asia-Pacific countries as a strong focus, in recognition of the increasing development in the region. This was highlighted recently in Australia’s trade agreement with China, with education being a key export identified by both countries as an important link to closer ties within the region.

K-Pintar Sdn Bhd - recognised by the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources with the Human Resources Minister Award (Training Provider Category) in 2013 - believes in the importance of human capital development. "We believe that a better informed and more effective business leader is important to close the skills gap within the current economic landscape," added Thiagaraja.

Dr Makhijani of OTI says: "Survey after survey has pointed to the gap in leadership needs due to fast economic development.  The country [Indonesia] needs trained and skilled future leaders to drive the economic growth."

"We see the appointment of these, our first Future CEO Licensees in the region as an important first step in supporting Asia’s development of its future business leaders, and we look forward to appointing more Licensees in the region," says Ms Alfred.


About The CEO Institute

The CEO Institute was founded in 1992 as a peer-to-peer membership organisation for Chief Executives to connect with their peers and learn from them and in 2011 became the world’s first global certification body for CEOs. With more than 1,000 members, it is Australia’s leading executive membership organisation for CEOs and senior executives who want to be better informed, more efficient business leaders.  The flagship CEO Syndicate® program is an exclusive peer support network for CEOs and business leaders. It offers experiential learning and mutual group mentoring.  The Future CEO program is a certification course designed by the business leaders of today for the business leaders of tomorrow. A proven path to success that equips members with the knowledge, skills and contacts needed to take over the reins.


About K-Pintar Sdn Bhd

Since its inception in 2002, K-Pintar Sdn Bhd has been focusing mainly in five areas i.e. Executive Development, Professional Certification, Technical Competency, Behavioural Competency and Graduate Capability Development. In each area, not only have we identified highly relevant programs but we have also tied up with the best industry partners namely Cranfield University, Cornel University, AHRI, SAP, IIBA, and now, The CEO Institute.

About OTI Transformasi International

OTI provides management consulting, software implementation and workshops in various areas. The leading and best companies in the Asian region partner with OTI in their performance management programs. OTI has extensive performance management implementation experience in various industries. Our vision is “To be a highly focused and specialised transformation consulting firm in the Asia Pacific Region that delivers “Vision to Reality”, is respected by its clients and competitors, and is a great place to work”


The CEO Institute:
Kristine Chompff, Marketing & Communications Manager
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K-Pintar Sdn Bhd:
Maran Chandraraja, Director - Strategic Business Solutions
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http://www.kpintaracademy.com/OTI Transformasi International:
Dr Naresh Makhijani, President and Director
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