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AUSTRALIA, SINGAPORE | 20 January 2016: The CEO Institute's Future CEO program is attracting worldwide attention. "The latest is in Singapore with the appointment of High View Leadership Centre, a coaching facility that has been working closely with the Singaporean government to foster strong networks and build leadership capabilities in the SME space," said a delighted Esme Alfred, Global Manager - Certification & Licensing, The CEO Institute.

In a world crying out for leadership, Australia's The CEO Institute is getting down to business.

High View MD, Danny Teo, who earned his own qualification as a business coach in Australia, is pleased and proud to be appointed as the Singapore licensee. "We will be focusing on helping local enterprises build capabilities and seek opportunities through the development of their senior leaders," he said. “In the course of their regular meetings, Future CEO members will be able to present, dissect and discuss issues that are relevant across many environments, harnessing the collective 'brains trust' of their peers."

First established in Australia in May 2012, the Future CEO program provides an experiential learning program for senior executives from diverse backgrounds and industries. "Regular meetings are held under the guidance of a chairperson with professorial qualifications and an extensive commercial background," says Ms Alfred. "The focus is on real world challenges and opportunities faced by individual members as they work to develop their firms, their careers and their own sense of ability and worth."

Meetings feature highly qualified guest speakers with experience and expertise across a wide range of key issues. "And of course, members also enjoy invaluable networking and business development opportunities as they learn and grow together," adds Ms Alfred, "which is something The CEO Institute knows how to do well, given its 24 year history in the CEO and senior executive leadership development space."

High View Leadership Centre plans to offer the program in Mandarin, as well as English - the first time the program has been translated and conducted in a foreign language. "This will cater for the substantial Chinese business community based in Singapore," says Mr Teo.

"The use of resources and expertise local to Singapore is a key factor in maximising the value and understanding our members take from the program," he adds. "The experts addressing our Future CEO groups will be speaking the same language, about topics that affect our members directly, providing solutions tailored to the local environment."

"This appointment coincides with the introduction of a new Curriculum Framework for the Future CEO program," says Ms Alfred, "covering 15 key subject areas to ensure highly focussed meeting agendas addressing specific learning goals." Five core topics are specified each year in each region. Clarifying further, Ms Alfred said: "The core topics will allow each region the chance to directly relate [Future CEO meeting content] to the challenges and opportunities faced in the local business environment.

"The Curriculum Framework also adds a formal element to the program, ensuring a comprehensive focus on all aspects of a CEO’s responsibilities."

“Not only that, after attending 30 half-day (or 15 full-day) meetings, eligible Future CEO members are awarded Provisional Certification as a Certified CEO ," Ms Alfred adds. "The certification is conferred by The CEO Institute in its capacity as the first certification body for chief executives, which has been offered by The CEO Institute globally since 2011."

"It provides our Future CEO members with a valuable point of difference. Certification provides an objective means of establishing credibility," Mr Teo continued. “Having an outside entity verify your credentials as a CEO-in-waiting, and being able to use the post-nominal CCEO(prov) raises the bar of leadership excellence to a higher level."

Ms Alfred sees this and other licenses taken up in the area as important steps in supporting Asia's development of its future business leaders. "We are delighted to see the establishment of the Future CEO program in Singapore and look forward to enjoying closer ties with our Asian neighbours."

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About High View Leadership Centre

High View Leadership Centre provide leadership training programs for corporate leaders. It also offers management consulting and business advisory services to Small and Medium Enterprises in Singapore, and access to business tools that assist in post-training implementation.

Media Contact - High View Leadership Centre
Danny Teo Yong Song, Managing Director
P +65 9685 2990 | E teoyongsong(at)highview.com.sg

About The CEO Institute

The CEO Institute was founded in 1992. It is Australia's leading membership organisation for CEOs and senior executives, with about 1,000 members. It provides a forum for members to connect and share their learning. In 2011, it became the world's first global certification body for CEOs. In 2013, the Institute partnered with UNESCO, supporting the "Malala Fund for Girls' Right to Education". In 2014, they began offering their programs globally. The Institute operates in Adelaide (est. 1996), Sydney and Brisbane (1997), Perth (2007) and Auckland, New Zealand (2015). In 1992, the first meeting of The CEO Syndicate - an exclusive peer support network for CEOs - was held. The Future CEO program, launched in 2012, is a certification course designed for future business leaders, based on a blended learning model.

The International Institute of Directors and Managers (IIDM) website - a fully owned and operated subsidiary of The CEO Institute - was launched in December 2000. It hosts a curated, online library of practical and action-oriented business resources, contributed by academics, experts and business leaders from around the world.




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