Future CEO
Future CEO Program

Future CEO Program

Future CEO Program

A path to success.

The Future CEO program is a certification course designed for future business leaders.

It develops the financial, strategic and communication skills you need to manage a company.

Builds on your own personal strengths and abilities.

And establishes a peer network that can provide invaluable ongoing support throughout your career.

Sharing the journey

The program is built around peer groups - people just like you who are learning how to lead a business. It is one of the great strengths of the Future CEO format.

The sharing of problems and experiences, often difficult within a competitive workplace environment, provides a level of support and encouragement that cannot be over-valued.

Groups of about 16 members with comparable experience are drawn from non-competing business sectors, allowing easy and open sharing within the group.

Learn on the job

As a Future CEO member you and a select group of peers learn the skills of being a CEO from experts with broad business management experience.

Each Future CEO group has about 16 members - people just like you who are learning how to lead a business. Group members are carefully matched by The CEO Institute for compatible skill levels and activity in non-competing business sectors. This promotes openness and sharing within groups.

Future CEO - Testimonial

"The Future CEO group is a key part of my ongoing professional development. Under the chairmanship of Professor David Gilbert, the group provides an opportunity to develop broad leadership skills via workshopping ideas and challenges, engaging with high quality subject matter experts and learning from the groups collective experience.  I would highly recommend the group to anyone wishing to further develop their leadership skills and understanding of all aspects of running organisations." - Greg O'Brien, Executive Manager Corporate Services - RSPCA (Victoria)

A guiding hand

Future CEO Program

The monthly meetings are chaired by an experienced chairman-facilitator with professorial qualifications and experience underpinned by an extensive commercial background.

The chairman guides the agenda with specific attention to the needs of the group members.

A typical meeting would include: 

  • Members’ issues. A confidential forum where members can discuss specific problems and opportunities they are experiencing, and deliver a presentation on a project relevant to their business activities.
  • Expert speakers and themed workshops. Business specialists address particular topics relevant to the group and the current business environment.

    Leading academics present thought leadership scenarios to guide Future CEOs through the dynamic and ever-changing world of modern business. 
  • Open forum - broad-ranging peer-to-peer discussions about shared issues, facilitated by the chairman.

"[The Future CEO program] provides a professional, positive and confidential sounding board in which I can discuss issues important to me, while sharing experiences of my peers from a wide range of industries and companies." - Anthony Goerke, National Marketing Manager, ATAP - Australian Truck & Auto Parts

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