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For over twenty years, The CEO Institute has been bringing business leaders together in a process of productive exchange and support.

It also provides formal recognition of their professional qualifications and experience through certification, awarding the Certified CEO designation.

Future CEO members with a minimum of three years' senior management experience who attend at least 30 half-day (or 15 full-day) meetings of the Future CEO program are automatically assessed for Provisional Certification as a Certified CEO, and, if successful, are entitled to use the post nominal CCEO(prov).

Certified CEO - Testimonial

"I was interested in the Certified CEO program because I wanted some objective means of establishing my credibility as a CEO. Even though my resume reflected skill, experience and success, having an outside entity verify and attest to that was important to me. Having achieved the distinction, it has helped me stand out among other candidates for jobs - sometimes over 300 other candidates." - Donald Richetti, Executive Director, AOC

There are two levels of certification for Certified CEOs, who enjoy education opportunities, resources and competitive advantage in high level job applications.

Full Certification is granted to a Chief Executive:

  • with five or more years’ experience;
  • who meet the educational requirements under the Rules for Certification.

This confers the right to be called a Certified CEO and use the post nominal CCEO.

Provisional Certification is granted to those who:

  • have a minimum of three years’ senior management experience; and
  • have attended 30 half-day (or 15 full-day) meetings of the Future CEO program.

Successful recipients are entitled to use the post nominal CCEO(prov).

The CEO Institute and UNESCO Partnership

"Through the partnership with The CEO Institute, UNESCO values its role as a global certification body for Chief Executives and supports the Certified CEO designation, as it represents a tangible example of UNESCO’s approach to Lifelong learning and a contribution to building knowledge-based societies."

Vincent Defourny - UNESCO

Vincent Defourny
Division of Cooperation with Extrabudgetary Funding Sources
Bureau of Strategic Planning

CCEO is a registered Certification Trade Mark of The CEO Institute

The Rules for Certification, approved by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), set out the requirements for the approval of applicants as well as the standards of knowledge, experience and ongoing professional development to be met in order to obtain the Certified CEO designation and use the post nominal. The ACCC, in approving the Rules for Certification, determined that they were satisfied that The CEO Institute demonstrates the attributes necessary to competently undertake the certification role in respect of the Certification Trade Mark.

NB: The Rules for Certification will be made available to all applicants, at the time of applying for the Certified CEO designation.

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