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Established in 1992, The CEO Institute is Australia’s leading peer-to-peer organisation for Chief Executives.

The CEO Syndicate program is a leadership development forum for CEOs that has been operating successfully in Australia for over twenty years.

Some 1,000 members around Australia meet regularly to share ideas and experiences in a confidential and supportive environment.

The CEO Syndicate - Testimonial

"The CEO Institute is the most popular association among my peers, and is widely regarded as the most respected organisation of its kind in Australia" - Member for 6 years

Future CEO Program

The Future CEO program, which follows a similar format to The CEO Syndicate meetings, is a certification course designed for future business leaders from all types of organisations − private companies, listed and unlisted public companies, not-for-profit organisations, government and non-government organisations.

It equips up-and-coming leaders with the skills, knowledge and contacts they need to confront managerial issues and manage growth.

Through this unique range of programs and activities, The CEO Institute provides pathways to excellence in business leadership, and encourages ongoing professional and personal development for our members.

In 2011, The CEO Institute also became the first global certification body for CEOs, providing formal recognition of the professional qualifications and experience of both CEOs and senior managers.

The International Institute of Directors and Managers (IIDM), a fully owned subsidiary of The CEO Institute, is an internet-based management resource providing a library of articles, case studies, business tips, etc., for business executives. The IIDM website, with its many thousands of relevant business resources, is fully available to all members of The CEO Syndicate and Future CEO programs. 

In 2013 The CEO Institute partnered with UNESCO in supporting the “Malala Fund for Girls’ Right to Education” echoing the Institute's values of professional development and personal growth.

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